Assistance for Seniors

The Committee for Senior Housing Aid in Glencoe has helped keep Glencoe seniors in their homes for more than 30 years by providing small grant awards to Glencoe seniors who meet the program’s asset and income criteria to help them pay their property taxes or monthly rent. This financial assistance allows Glencoe seniors to stay in the community where they have spent much of their lives.

FSG partners with the committee by screening applications, home visits, bookkeeping and clerical services, and fundraising. Grant recipients benefit not only from the financial assistance, but also from the personal, one-on-one relationship with an experienced social worker who can assess their needs, provide counseling, information and referral services.

The Committee has been partnering with FSG for more than a decade. Our relationship is strong. We are increasingly identifying and meeting client needs to benefit their social-emotional health. This unique relationship keeps administrative costs low and service quality high. Our organizations are coming together in a more formal way.

In addition to the core services of the senior housing program, FSG is in the process of expanding services for seniors. Our collective goal is to establish relevant programs and resources to help older residents stay healthy and active by thoughtfully addressing their unique social-emotional needs. A monthly Vibrant Living Senior Discussion Group has been launched along with The Legacy Project: Connecting Generations through Story in partnership with Glencoe Junior High Project. These programs bring opportunities for new friendships and personal growth.

Seniors add to the depth of our community through their diverse life experiences. They bring wisdom, story, and perspective to our village. Our recent senior needs assessment revealed their unique needs and concerns. We would like to continue growing senior-focused services to include outreach and education, social and emotional health programs, and direct assistance. To learn more about this program, please email

Invest in Senior Services: To make a donation, please mail your check payable to FSG to our Village Hall address at 675 Village Court, Glencoe, IL 60022. Thank you for your generosity.