Assistance for Seniors

For over 20 years, the Committee for Senior Housing Aid in Glencoe has been providing small grant awards to Glencoe seniors who meet the program’s asset and income criteria to help them pay their property taxes or monthly rent. This financial assistance allows Glencoe seniors to stay in the community where they have spent much of their lives.

Family Service of Glencoe partners with the committee by screening applications, home visits, bookkeeping and clerical services, and fundraising. Grant recipients benefit not only from the financial assistance, but also from the personal, one-on-one relationship with an experienced social worker who can assess their needs, provide counseling, information and referral services.

The Senior Housing Program is citizen run and funded. FSG does not receive any financial reimbursement for the social services or administrative support provided to participants or the committee.

Invest in Senior Services: To make a donation, please mail your contribution to: 675 Village Court, Glencoe, IL 60022. Please make your check payable to the Committee for Senior Housing Aid in Glencoe. Thank you for your generosity.

Planning continues for expanding services to our seniors. Learn more about our research findings and next steps to launch this new program.