Youth And Family Outreach

Family Service of Glencoe takes a leadership role in facilitating dialogue and strengthening connections between our community, our schools and parents. Led by Al Ross, LCSW, we support the changing needs of our youth by being at the forefront of the issues they face, providing the necessary psychological support to those who need it most, and harnessing the collective power of the many talented and committed organizations in our community.

FSG Goals

  1. Coordinate with schools and other service providers to facilitate cooperative efforts that benefit the well-being of children, families and our community. This effort includes support of Social Emotional Learning in the Glencoe Schools.
  2. Facilitate the work of Glencoe Parent Connection in their efforts to connect parents with other parents, schools and resources to help them raise emotionally healthy children.
  3. Provide and oversee counseling and psychotherapy services for children, teens and their families.

“The youth in our community are only as safe and healthy as the adults.  It is imperative for the adults to come together to have conversations.”

Al Ross LCSW, FSG Counselor