#SevenActsInSevenDays Kindness Challenge


FSG invites all Glencoe residents and employees to participate in a special kindness challenge February 14-20, 2016 in conjunction with Random Acts of Kindness Week. This initiative, called #SevenActsInSevenDays is all about connecting with others through acts of kindness. There are many ways to reach out to those in our homes, jobs, and communities at little or no cost such as holding a door for someone, giving away your seat on the train, saying hello to a stranger, or thanking someone for a job well done.

Additionally, we are asking community members to be on the lookout for kindness. When you “catch” someone being kind, honor them with a blue heart sticker. Stickers will be available through Family Service of Glencoe, our challenge partners (see below), and participating local businesses.

The Glencoe community is invited to share their stories on social media using #SevenActsInSevenDays.

FSG is taking on this special venture because our 2014 needs assessment survey revealed that 30% of Glencoe respondents feel they lack an adequate social support network and 36% noted that they feel lonely or isolated. “Social interactions help us grow as individuals and develop a supportive social network to help us in life’s challenges,” said Lisa Cardonick, Communications Chair on the FSG Board of Directors. “The kindness challenge is one step in acknowledging, affirming and supporting those around us.”

We are pleased to announce several partners in our kindness challenge: Glencoe School District 35, Glencoe Park District, Glencoe Junior High Project, Glencoe Junior Kindergarten, Glencoe Youth Services, Glencoe Social Club, and Coldwell Banker. Blue heart stickers may be picked up at one of these locations or at participating local businesses with a kindness challenge sign posted.