Tickets on Sale Now for Fiesta!

With our mission at the forefront, FSG hosts an annual celebration to raise funds for the critical programs and services that care for those in our village who are struggling with emotional and psychological challenges such as addiction, depression, and bullying.

Nicole Hayek, Benefit Co-Chair, notes “FSG has served as a lifeline to individuals and families for more than 100 years. As a parent of Glencoe children, I view FSG as one of the most important resources that helps protect and strengthen our children and our neighbors. While our village is affluent, currently 60% of FSG’s clients qualify, based on income, to receive counseling services at a reduced rate. ”

Celebrate with us at Glencoe Under the Stars: Fiesta on Saturday, May 20, 6pm at Skokie Country Club. Tickets are on sale now. Fill a table with friends or treat your spouse to a night out. It will be an evening of inspiration, awareness, and fiesta fun.

Benefit Co-Chair, Amy Maher, explains “This event brings families together. Glencoe is a small town addressing big city issues and FSG impacts the lives in our community in a very real and meaningful way.”

Special thanks to our benefit sponsors for standing with those who face mental health challenges. For additional event information, please visit or call the FSG office at 847-835-5111.